-What is an NFT?
Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are blockchain-based tokens which document ownership of physical or virtual assets. Once sold, they can move efficiently between buyers and sellers for trading purposes on NFT exchanges.
-If I buy a Diamond NFT, will I receive the real diamond?
Yes. The physical twin version of the NFT will be shipped to you from our vault to your address.
- Then why should I buy the NFT?
You’re buying the asset function of this diamond. This function is transferred from the physical diamond to the NFT diamond.
A diamond has two functions: real-world utility as a jewelry & industrial tool and stored value. A diamond NFT is a non-fungible token that stores value and proof of ownership. Because the NFT is a digital copy of the physical diamond, it holds the same amount of value.
We use Ethereum-based, non-fungible tokens to represent ownership of individual diamonds you can buy or bid on.
You can still use your physical diamond as jewelry or a cutting tool, but you can no longer sell it, list it on a balance sheet, or use it as collateral for borrowing without having proof of ownership through the NFT.
-What stops us from selling the NFT and then selling the physical diamond too?
We don’t sell any NFT without its 1-1 physical diamond. All our diamonds are certified and have an identical NFT with the same certificate report number that can be found on the blockchain. Each physical diamond also has its grading rapport number inscribed on it.
-Where can Amsterdam Diamond Club NFTs be found?
You can visit our Metaverse showroom to buy your diamond, this also includes Opensea.io
-Do you ship internationally and how will my diamond be shipped?
Yes, we regularly dispatch international orders abroad.
Full Value Insurance & Discrete Packaging - All shipments are packaged discreetly with NO indication that your package contains a diamond, and are shipped 'Fully Insured' and 'Signature Required'. This means that your order will be delivered safely and will be 'Fully Insured' until you have checked the contents of your package. This means that the courier cannot deliver a package without your signature. If you do not receive your package in your possession, you are not responsible for it.
-How can I trust Amsterdam Diamond Club?
You don’t need to. Instead of having it shipped, you can choose to pick up your diamond in person. All unpurchased diamonds are secured in our offices in the heart of Europe. Located in Amsterdam and the Antwerp Diamond District.
Amsterdam Diamond Club is a company registered in the Netherlands.
Chamber of Commerce Number: 69824622
VAT: NL002401099B36
-Can i see the diamond before i buy the NFT?
For big purchases, we have collaborated with Brinks to provide the highest standard of secure logistical, storage and vaulting facility solutions for our clients. You can then come see your diamond at the Brinks vault before buying the NFT of your diamond.

Matching real life diamonds with a digital twin

Buy a diamond NFT and receive the physical diamond linked to your NFT.
Every blockchain-enabled diamond has its own digital twin.
This digital twin includes comprehensive details about your diamond.

100% Digital NFT Ownership on the Blockchain

An NFT is considered a digital proof of ownership in theory making it more difficult to change or duplicate them than physical copies. NFTs are securely stored on a blockchain — ensuring irreplaceable assets.
Carry millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds in your wallet completely discreetly.
Travel safely around the world with your diamonds stored in your digital wallet and can keep your diamond NFT (proof of ownership) with you at all times.

Amsterdam Diamond

Have you ever seen Hollywood movies that show exclusive underground clubs that require a particular phrase for entry? That's pretty much how Amsterdam Diamond Club social work.
We offers many benefits to NFT holders, including access to attend events & parties happening in real life and first access to additional rare NFT diamonds.

Metaverse VS Retail Store

Buying a diamond in retail stores, can mislead or misinform you, and this can happen intentionally or unintentionally.
Our showroom in the Metaverse gives you the option to buy diamonds with cryptocurrency and offers a greater variety of diamonds at lower prices while we don’t have to shell out money for expensive property rental, staff salaries and interior decorations etc ...


Diamonds are one of very few luxury goods you can enjoy after you buy them, and they will retain their value after many years, even generations, especially owning also the digital twin of your diamond on the blockchain.
A diamond can be seen as art.
You can take it out, wear it, enjoy it and put it back in the safe. With your diamond NFT you can even use it into a Metaverse space. you can use it as your avatar and it can be part of your personality.
In the near future, NFTs will replace physical assets like diamonds, because NFTs are a much more user-friendly asset class for holding and transacting. This is not a mere speculation but rather the inevitable result of long-term trends that are already taking place.
No investor can afford to overlook this.

Why a Diamond NFT?

Buying a Diamond with its digital twin on the blockchain is more than just buying a the diamond by itself.
A physical asset like a diamond has value because of two functions:
1/ physical utilities function
2/ asset function as a store-of-value (SoV)
When we create a NFT for the diamond, we transfer and implement both of these functions to the NFT of your diamond. And since no two diamonds are alike, 1-to-1 mapping between the diamond and NFT is cemented, and your Diamond NFT now has the SoV part of the diamond’s value while having your proof of ownership backed digitally on the blockchain.

- Phygital Diamonds are Really Forever -

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